Ranting Soccer Dad, Episode 1: Mike Woitalla

Soccer America's Mike Woitalla joins the show to talk about the true cost of travel, the absurdity of multiple national championships, and whether parents who used to play Mozart to their unborn children in the womb will soon start playing Ray Hudson to get them on the scholarship train early.

Check out Mike's work, or at least the last few days of a career spanning a couple of decades.

Sponsored by: Single Digit Soccer, my youth soccer book full of anecdotes about Pulp Fiction and the Muppets, plus insight from the leaders in U.S. youth soccer.

Thanks to:

- Audacity, the best in open-source audio software.

- Freesound.org, particularly the user justkiddink for the sound of growling dogs, and the Creative Commons attribution license.

- Garage Band

- My 30-year-old Ibanez guitar and Peavey amp

- Listeners like you

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