Ranting Soccer Dad, Ep. 10: Ronnie Woodard on youth soccer, women in coaching

Do women actually face more difficulty breaking into college coaching today than they did 15 years ago? Is youth soccer going off the rails?

I don't know. But Ronnie Woodard would. The former Duke goalkeeper went straight from the college field to the college sideline and had a strong career coaching at College of Charleston and Vanderbilt before moving to youth soccer with Tennessee Soccer Club and taking national honors, including the 2016 NSCAA Coach of the Year Award.

That's not all. She has a master's degree in counseling and runs a consulting service for female college prospects.


A few conversation highlights:

- 10:20: What’s keeping women out of coaching?


- 19:30: Balancing high school soccer and club soccer

- 21:00 Defraying travel costs


- 25:00 What’s worse in youth soccer today? (cough … parents … cough …)

- 27:00 What’s the case for pursuing college soccer when the cost of travel soccer will usually be greater than any available scholarship?

- 29:30 What’s better in youth soccer today?

And then I go on a rant about the first weekend of Northern Virginia soccer, including a coach's ejection. (No, it wasn't me.)

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